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Editor for Everyone

Our revolutionary editor is built specifically for documentation, for everyone on your team to write on. Images, videos, multi-tab code blocks, PDFs or anything really, it’s all supported.

Our customers report writing 3x faster using our modern editor.

Keyboard shortcuts
Format your content using Markdown or toolbar
Preview where you edit, no split-view.

Easy Publishing Workflow

No one writes documentation using a marker. Write documentation drafts, engage in comments with your team and publish when needed. Revert to older content at any time. Create new product versions with one click.

Invite the team to write together
Publish instantly
All edits saved to history

One Portal for User Guides and API

Give your developer community a great journey with powerful API references linked tightly with your user guides. They will find answers to their questions faster with our lightning fast search which looks through all of your published content.

Clear three-column layout
Auto-generated example requests and responses
Compatible with OpenAPI 2/3 Swagger

Show off your Brand

Change colours, logo and font to express your business values. We don’t stop here though, change every last CSS rule of your documentation.

Inject Custom CSS & Javascript
Custom Landing Page & Footer
Custom HTML Blocks
No Technical Skills Required

Forget about HTML and XML. DeveloperHub can be used by everyone on the team.

No Hosting Concerns

Don't worry about hosting your documentation, DeveloperHub handles everything for you.

Boost the efficiency

Write and publish in realtime, release your engineering team to create product, not product docs.

Private Docs

Share Internally: Setup your docs to only show to your customers, not public on the web.


Work better together: Write together with your teammates the best documentation. No jumping through e-mails.

Search First

Your customers want to find info as fast as possible: Big search bar on top of your pages with super fast realtime search.

Edit History

Go back in time: View edit authors. Preview and revert to any edit in history.

Versioned Projects

Don't worry about new rollouts: Powerful version cloning that makes your life easy. Maintain and juggle between all of your versions.

CI/CD Integration

Keep references up-to-date: Update your references when you deploy new code with our API access.

Customers and Reviews

It feels great writing on DeveloperHub, content writing is much more efficient and helps keep the team focused on creating great content. We would have never been able to move from legacy systems if it weren’t for the unique and easy to use import and export tools.

Anita CJ

Technical Writer, Infoworks


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