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Built carefully from scratch, it’s a modern editor that everyone on your team will love.

Instant Formatting with Rich Media

Our Editor = Preview. Type in Markdown if you’re a developer, use keyboard shortcuts if you’re a product manager, or use the toolbar if you’re a writer. Long gone are the days of just markdown.

Don’t stop there, and add everything to your documentation from images, videos, tables, tabs, multi-tab code blocks, callouts, or embed gists, PDFs and drawings, anything on the web!

Single Sourcing

With Synced Blocks, write a piece of content and reuse it as many times as you need in your pages. If you edit the synced block, then it changes in all the pages it is used in.

Create templates to ensure structural and formatting consistency throughout your pages

Collaborate with Teammates

Invite your reviewers, write comments, discuss with teammates, and develop your documentation all in DeveloperHub. See how your pages have been changing over time with page history.

Easy Versioning

Products evolve, and so does their documentation. Clone your version, and we’ll handle all link migrations for you. Publish all versions at once, or select a few.

Import and Export

Your data is yours, but we don’t stop here: Our exports are completely editable offline for mass-editing or even using source control. Import them back to create new versions at once.

Private Docs

Authenticate your readers using passwords, secure links, or your own custom login (including SSO).


Get analytics about your readers from Google Analytics,
reach out to them using Intercom and keep your teams
updated about documentation changes using Slack. Add
any other third-party integration with custom javascript.

DeveloperHub provide a cloud-based authoring tool that is second to none. Multiple documentation areas with superb presentation from the get-go enable you to create the documentation you envision.

Adam Garrod

Technical Communications Manager
Relax Gaming Group

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