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Kiran Bali

Head of Integrations, Yoti

Included in all our Paid Plans

Your Logo, Colours and Font
Landing Page
Advanced User Roles
Unlimited Pages
Lightning Fast Search
Unlimited API References
Public or Private Docs
CI/CD Integration

Supercharged Services at the right price

Try 14-days for free - No credit card required. Prices are in USD.


For Solo Projects


per month / project billed annually

$69 billed monthly

  • 2 Editors
  • 3 Published Versions
  • 1 Documentation Section
  • Custom Domain
  •   White-labelled
  •   Custom CSS & JS
  •   Search Analytics
  •   Custom Landing Page/Footer
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For a Small Team


per month / project billed annually

$139 billed monthly

  • 5 Editors
  • 5 Published Versions
  • 5 Documentation Sections
  • Custom Domain
  • White-labelled
  •   Custom CSS & JS
  •   Search Analytics
  •   Custom Landing Page/Footer
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For Full Branding and Control


per month / project billing annually

$219 billed monthly

  • 20 Editors
  • 10 Published Versions 
  • 10 Documentation Sections 
  • Custom Domain
  • White-labelled
  • Migration Support
  • Custom CSS & JS
  • Search Analytics
  • Custom Landing Page/Footer


For Multiple Projects and Big Teams

Starting at $499/Month


  • SLA
  • Custom Editor/Project Count
  • Multi-Project Search
  • PDF Export
  • Export APIs
  • Custom Invoicing
  • Custom Support
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Plan Comparison


Reviewers, Writers, Publishers, Admins

Documentation Editor
OpenAPI Editor
OpenAPI Viewer
API Playground
Team Comments/Reviews
Team Dashboard
Hosting (Cloud)
Host on our Subdomain


Host on your Custom Domain


Host on your Subdirectory


Content Reuse
Page Tagging

Show related pages and search filtering

Versions per Project

v1.0, v2.0... of your product

Documentation per Version

Product guides, iOS SDK, Release Notes...

API References per Version
Pages per Documentation
User Roles

Reviewer, Writer, Publisher, Admin

Personalised Docs
PDF Export
Lightning Fast Search
AI Search
Multi-Project Search

Search through multiple projects at once

Dark Theme
Auto-Generated Landing Page
Multiple Landing Pages 3
Translate UI
Customise Look

Logo, Colours and Font


Remove our logo at the bottom

Custom CSS Rules
Custom Javascript
Custom HEAD Tags

Styles, scripts, META...

Custom Footer

Using HTML, CSS, JS...

Custom Landing Page

Using HTML, CSS, JS...

Custom 404 Page
Reader Feedback
Like/Dislike Controls
Add Message to Feedback
AI Features
Generate META Descriptions
Redact Personal Information from Feedback
Spam Filter for Feedback
Community Forums
Migration from other tools
Professional Services for Migration
Backups (Import/Export)
Using Platform
Using API
Google Analytics
Search Analytics
Custom Integrations

Using JS

Private Documentation
Password Protected/Secure Link
Email Invites/Magic Links
Custom Login - JWT
Proxy Behind VPN
Custom Reader Authentication
Access to our APIs
API Reference CI/CD
Search Content
Audit Log
Shared Users between Multiple Projects
Custom Invoicing
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, of course! On signing up you will be automatically enrolled in a 14 day trial. If you want to enrolled in the Startup trial plan (Launch), and would like to test out Grow trial plan, then let us know.

Yes. You can have one version that has one documentation and one user in your project. There is no search functionality and it would be hosted under a DeveloperHub subdomain. The free tier becomes available after the trial ends. The exact features are listed above in the plan comparison table.

A project is a documentation site with its set of settings, customisations and collaborators. One project can have many versions and each version has many documentation and references. You can have unlimited pages in a project.

A project has its data siloed, and a project can either be public or private.

Read more about our Project Structure.

A version is a container for documentation and API Reference sections. As your product progresses, you'll be having v2.0, v3.0 and so on. With DeveloperHub you can clone a version with one click and start working on newer version of the product, while keeping the old versions available for customers who are still on older versions.

You do not have to version your documentation at all - we don't for ours, so you will only be using one version.

Read more about our Project Structure.

A documentation is a set of pages (unlimited). Each project has versions (v1.0, v2.0...). Each version has documentation (Android SDK, iOS SDK,...) and references (REST API). You could have multiple documentation for different products, to explain more complex subjects separately, or for localisation.

If your documentation is simple and flat, then you wouldn't need more than one documentation. However, you can also use multiple documentation for Release Notes, Frequently Asked Questions, and other kinds of guides. Our own docs have only one documentation section.

Read more about our Project Structure.

Of course. You can create separate documentation for Release Notes, FAQ, News or anything else really.

For sure! You can find examples here.

No, you can sign up without a credit card.

The pricing is monthly per project. See "What counts as a project?" above.

You will instantly get access to that plan's features, and you will be charged a prorated amount for based on the percentage of the billing cycle left at the time you changed plans. The impact is carried to the next invoice.

An editor is a collaborator on the project. They could be an admin, publisher, writer or reviewer of all published and unpublished documentation. The project owner is the first editor. We do not limit the number of readers to your docs.

For Grow plan, you can contact us to increase the number of editors on a project. Editors are added in a package of 5 editors at a time, at the price of $50 for 5 editors per month.

We will notify you a few days before the trial ends. If you do not upgrade by then, all advanced plans features will be removed and you will be moved to the free plan.

You are billed annually or monthly from the day you sign up to a paid plan.

Yes! We offer both monthly and yearly billing options. The yearly billing option is cheaper (you get one month for free compared to monthly billing).

Yes. All credit card processing is handled through Stripe, and your card information is never sent to, or stored on, our servers.

You will still have access to the advanced features in your paid plan until your billing cycle ends for that billing period.

We'd love to help you out. Click on the chat button on the right, or write us an e-mail to

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