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Per Month/Project

  • 2 Teammates
  • 7 Days History
  • 3 Published Versions
  • 1 Documentation per Version
  • Custom Domain
  • Email/Chat Support
  •   White-labelled
  •   Custom CSS & JS
  •   Custom Landing Page/Footer
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For Small Teams


Per Month/Project

  • 5 Teammates
  • 7 Days History
  • 5 Published Versions
  • 5 Documentation per Version
  • Custom Domain
  • White-labelled
  • Email/Chat Support
  •   Custom CSS & JS
  •   Custom Landing Page/Footer


For Growing Businesses


Per Month/Project

  • 20 Teammates
  • 30 Days History
  • Unlimited Versions
  • Unlimited Documentation
  • Custom Domain
  • White-labelled
  • Advanced Support
  • Custom CSS & JS
  • Custom Landing Page/Footer
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Custom Tier


Starting at $499/Month

  • Everything in Grow
  • Custom team size
  • Custom project count
  • Custom authentication
  • Export APIs
  • Custom invoicing
  • Custom support
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Included in all our Paid Plans

Your Logo, Colours and Font
Landing Page
Advanced User Roles
Unlimited Pages
Lightning Fast Search
Unlimited API References
Public or Private Docs
CI/CD Integration

Customer Docs created with DeveloperHub

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, of course! On signing up you will be automatically enrolled in a 14 day trial. If you want to try out Grow plan, then let us know.

Yes. You can have one version that has one documentation and one user in your project. There is no search functionality and it would be hosted under a DeveloperHub subdomain.

A project is a developer hub hosted on one subdomain. One project can have many versions and each version has many documentation and references.

A documentation is a set of pages (no limit). Each project has versions (v1.0, v2.0...). Each version has documentation (Android SDK, iOS SDK,...) and references (REST API). You could have multiple documentation for different products, to explain more complex subjects separately, or for localisation.

For sure! You can find examples here.

No, you can sign up without a credit card.

The pricing is monthly per project. A project dictates the subdomain/custom domain where the documentation project is hosted.

You will instantly get access to that plan's features, and you will be billed by seconds for the old plan and start to be billed for the new plan in the same billing cycle. The impact is carried to the next invoice.

A teammate is a collaborator on the project. They could be an admin, publisher, writer or reviewer of all published and unpublished documentation. If your project is published publicly, then everyone can read it. The project owner is the first teammate.

After the trial ends, all advanced plans features will be removed. The free plan allows only one documentation to be written with minimal customisation and a watermark.

You are billed monthly from the day you sign up to a paid plan.

Yes. All credit card processing is handled through Stripe, and your card information is never sent to, or stored on, our servers.

You will still have access to the advanced features in your paid plan until your billing cycle ends for that month.

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