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CTIntegrations’ team transformed their customers' journey with DeveloperHub

CTIntegrations, a Texas based company providing contact centre technologies for enterprises, made the leap from providing PDF guides for onboarding and supporting their clients to a fully online seamless experience -- and in doing so, “we get happier customers and lots of time savings on our end”, according to Ronny Flaatten, CTIntegrations’ CEO & Founder.


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“We saved half the time we were putting into documentation before. I can tell you that if I took DeveloperHub away from the team, then there will be some loud loud protests at the office”

Ronny Flaatten

Founder & CEO, CTIntegrations

Fed up with PDFs

After over 11 years of operation, delivering PDFs with their software to enterprises to enable them to set it up and to use it, CTIntegrations decided that there is a better way of supporting their customers.

CTIntegrations ships 6 different types of documentation with their software: admin, user, dashboard, system, reporting and developer guides. Their solution is provided in both on-premise and cloud models, and is continuously being updated.

Their previous method of documentation delivery has been:

  1. Writing to Word documents which gets shared between colleagues.
  2. Exporting to PDF.
  3. Uploading the new PDFs to an FTP server.
  4. Sending the new links to customers.
  5. Updating the portal manually through code to link the new PDFs.

“We needed PDF documentation for the business as this is traditional software. Everybody knew that the PDF came shipped on the CD... And then you go into a world where that's not the case anymore!”

Modernizing their Documentation Process

“Things were moving much faster and we needed to have on-premise and cloud models, more versions, the team is growing and each model needs its own documentation. We did not want to set up file sharing, permissions, creating PDFs, and making that available on the website. We don’t want to deal with any of this stuff."

To resolve the problem, the team first started looking into building their own documentation portal, browsing through documentation website templates online. There are hundreds of them online, but they soon dropped the idea because somebody still has to make code changes for the documentation to go up -- “We cannot scale for a team like that”.

CTIntegrations’ team knew that someone must have had this problem before and has built a service for it. They started looking at general documentation software such as Confluence, and found that it only checks one of the many boxes they needed - “it was too bloated and opinionated”.

“I wanted a portal for building documentation, somewhere where I can just have the team write, visually drag and drop, and publish on the fly.”

Happier Customers

CTIntegrations’ team moved the first batch of their documentation of 268 pages into DeveloperHub in one day. In the past 2 years, they expanded to more than 3400+ pages of documentation over many guides and many versions.

Results since the switch

“Lots of time was saved for our customers and us internally. The ability for us to just send them the link, so they can easily navigate all of our documentation makes it all more cohesive, professional and put together. They can now find the answers they are looking for on their own. By doing that, we are avoiding having multiple calls to go through things. So we get a happy customer and time savings on our end.”

By using DeveloperHub, CTIntegrations:

What we have to say

“CTIntegrations has one of the most extensive documentation portals on DeveloperHub which takes each customer segment into a separate journey of their own. Their editing team are masters in well laid out documentation, evident from the flat hierarchy they use. We absolutely love what CTIntegrations has created!”

Zaid Daba'een

CEO & Founder, DeveloperHub

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