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About Us

Established in 2018, we are a profitable bootstrapped micro company.

Starting with small and medium companies, DeveloperHub built a powerful documentation tool to help businesses build developer hubs. Today, DeveloperHub is the only documentation tool on the market with extensive customisation, single sourcing and native API reference rendering empowering S&P500 companies, world-leading universities, as well as small businesses.

Our customer verticals vary from banking, payment solutions, Web3, infrastructure, cyber-security to education and logistics.

We are a non-fragile company which grows in a sustainable healthy way. All we want to do is to deliver a great product and build deep relationships with loyal customers.


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Leadership Team

Zaid Daba'een

CEO & Founder

Software engineer by heart. He is one of the first 200 people to be recognised as an International Tech World Leader by the UK Home Office. At the start of his career, he was selected among 16 people worldwide to intern at NASA Ames Research Center where he became a rocket fanatic. Later he spent many years working for unicorn companies and eventually wanted to make a personal impact. Enter DeveloperHub. In his free time, he loves being in the outdoors, to jam and to hang out with his baby niece. Zaid's top priority is the customer’s satisfaction.

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