Our third year of operation is over and we couldn't have asked for a more exciting year.

We really believe that we built the best customer-facing documentation platform out there - unparalleled to any other competitor. We have built amazing relationships with our customers and worked on bringing you features that no single platform ever had, to empower you to do things that you never imagined you could do.

Here's a recap of 2020-2021

From our What's New page, we:

  • Shipped 92 new features,
  • Fixed 53 bugs you reported,
  • Had 25 improvements on our existing features,
  • Had 2 security updates.

In numbers, so far we now have more than:

  • 129,000 pages so far,
  • 1300 API References uploaded,
  • A WHOPPING 224,000 edits.

There's an announcement of a new product update as well after this.

Let's look back on an amazing year with DeveloperHub

Here are some of the features that we have built throughout 2020-2021:

User Roles

Give every user on DeveloperHub the permissions they only need to make the perfect review process.


Everything you need to start your day with in one view. See all comments on the project, what has been going on lately, and which pages need your help right away.

Embed Mode

Embed your docs in a widget on your own website keeping them in context.

Visual Diff

See how every edit history has changed the documentation with a visual diff.

Major Update to API References

API References have received so much love. From supporting OpenAPI 3, to a slight redesign, to having more languages for auto-generated requests, and so much more!

Community Forums

We released our own Community Forums so you have more transparency on what is going on, and to open a directly channel of communication between our customers.

Search Analytics

Understand how your readers use search, what they are missing and what they look for most, so you can keep on enhancing your documentation.


Let your readers tell you what they like and don't like, right from the documentation.


Our hosting options got a huge boost. Host DeveloperHub docs on your own existing website or on a subdomain of your website. You can even host multiple projects on the same domain!

The Big Announcement

Custom Login Flow

Log in your readers to your docs securely with JWT Tokens.

How is this any better than password/link sharing?

By using JWT login:

  • You control who has access to your docs without having to share a global password/link.
  • You can personalise the docs to the logged in reader.
  • You control when the access expires.

See more on our docs for how to implement it and use it.