What A Year

Today, we're starting with our third year of operation.

Our second year of operation has been incredible for DeveloperHub, and we only have you to thank for it!

We have made so many relationships with our customers, and never have we better understood what you need more. The old ways of documentation are long gone, we are changing it and we are really just getting started.

In our second year of operation we:

  • Shipped 52 new features, that's one feature every week
  • Had 23 improvements to our existing features
  • Squashed 22 bugs which you reported (thank you)

Today, because of you, DeveloperHub has:

  • More than 37,000 pages
  • 790 API References
  • 10,000 edits each month

We also have a huge announcement to make at the bottom of this blog post!


Let's look back on an amazing year with DeveloperHub

Here are some of the features that we have built throughout 2019-2020:

Custom Landing Pages
Create landing pages from scratch using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Discuss content with your teammates, and resolve issues.

Custom HEAD Tags
Link external CSS, run internal/external javascript, and use custom META tags.

Page Import/Export
Easier import/export tools with raw contents for maximum data transparency.

Inline Blocks
Add badges, font awesome icons and keyboard key characters to your docs.

Change repetitive text of your documentation centrally in one place.

UI Translations
Change UI text for internationalisation.

Quick Switcher
Find your pages faster with a few keyboard clicks

The Big Announcement

OpenAPI 3

The long wait is over. We introduce to you: Support for OpenAPI 3.

What is OpenAPI 3?

OpenAPI 3 specification is the latest standard for documenting RESTful APIs.

What is new in OpenAPI 3?

  • The overall structure of the specification was refactored for better reusability
  • Added Support for describing callbacks
  • Links to express relationships between operations
  • The JSON schema includes support for: oneOf, anyOf and not
  • Improved parameter descriptions, including the ability to use a schema
  • Better support for multipart document handling
  • Cookie parameters are in; dataForm parameters are out
  • Body parameters have their own entity
  • Better support for content-type negotiation
  • The security definitions have been simplified and enhanced

How can I get started with OpenAPI 3 on DeveloperHub?

It couldn't get any easier, just upload your API specification to DeveloperHub as you always have did for Swagger/OpenAPI 2. We'll do all the hard job for you.

These are two years of operation, and we're still at 1% of the journey that we've planned. Keep tuned on What's New and the blog for what we'll be making for you in the upcoming year!